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A weekly podcast about the business of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data science. Hosted by Derrick Harris.

Jun 22, 2017

In episode 25(!) of the ARCHITECHT Show, Matei Zaharia  and Peter Bailis discuss how the DAWN project at Stanford University is trying bring the power of AI and machine learning to a broader set of users. The project's initial focus is on making it easier to collect, process and analyze enough high-quality data to take advantage of today's leading models and algorithms. Aside from the technologies, the Zaharia and Bailis also discuss how they're working with industry on this project and the right path for moving academic research into the real world. It's an area Zaharia knows well, having previously helped create Apache Mesos and Apache Spark, and having co-founded Databricks, where he's still CTO.

In the news segment, co-hosts Derrick Harris (ARCHITECHT) and Barb Darrow (Fortune) talk all about Amazon, and how its $14 billion purchase of Whole Foods is having competitive repercussions even in its cloud business.