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A weekly podcast about the business of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data science. Hosted by Derrick Harris.

Mar 2, 2017

In this episode of the ArchiTECHt Show, host Derrick Harris (ArchiTECHt) speaks with Cloudera co-founder and chief strategy officer Mike Olson about the state of Hadoop and Spark, and how machine learning is driving adoption of big data technologies. Olson also weighs in on the recent Hadoop cluster hacks and how companies like his can compete in the cloud, among other topics.

In the news portion, Derrick is joined by special guest Stacey Higginbotham (Stacey on IOT and the Internet of Things Podcast) to discuss how the big Amazon S3 outage affected the world of connected devices; the infamous connected teddy bear hack rooted in an insecure MongoDB instance; and how we'll finally make the Internet of Things intelligent.